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Our photo scanning system provides JPEG, TIFF or PDF files that allow you to save, share and enjoy all of your pre-digital photos now! 

Our nationally competitive prices and accessible staff allow you personal service without spending an arm and a leg.

Color photographs became affordable and popular in the late 1950′s. By 1962, black and white was increasingly rare. Unfortunately, the dyes used at this time were not long-lasting and fading set in quickly. We are now beginning to see total color loss from the first color snapshots. Any photo older than 1990 likely has measurable color loss.

Black and white photographs are pretty hardy and, if properly stored, hold up for 75-100 years. But, the biggest problem is the backing paper, which is often heavily deteriorated by 75 years old. Even if the image is good, the cost for the special handling of the fragile paper can increase your scanning cost by 4-10 times. Scanning these photos as soon as possible will save you money.

There are so many benefits to scanning your family photos, we really encourage you to get started now.

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