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Learn more about how our Commercial Scanning Service works and how we make it Easy for you to go DIGITAL.

The benefits of going to a paperless office are numerous:

  • Lower document storage costs

  • Improved office work flows

  • Ease of record retrieval

  • Access to records by remote locations

  • More robust disaster recovery

  • Compliance with retrieval laws


But the challenges of getting there can seem daunting. That is where we come in. Our experts will help you turn mountains of files into digital images. These can be stored on disk or better yet in an electronic document management system. We manage the whole process and make it as painless as possible.

Your documents are very important to you. Not only to the daily operations of the business but they must be properly maintained for legal compliance. We understand how important your records are and we treat them with great care. The digital images must be as easy to read as the originals.

Here's how the basic process works:

Your documents are prepared for our high speed scanners. This involves removing bindings like staples and paper clips. Irregular sized documents are reformatted to a standard size. The process also includes putting pages in the proper order and locating any missing ones. 

The most straight forward step is the actual scanning. It is crucial that the images created are easy to read. This is closely monitored for quality. 

Once documents are scanned, one or more index fields are added to every image. These index fields are how you will find your documents in the future. 

Now your images are loaded onto a CD/DVD or loaded into an electronic document management system. These servers offer process flow features and make access a retrieval a breeze.

We look forward to helping your business go paperless.

To get a custom quote for your project give us a call at

(510) 280-5449

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